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Luxury Condos in the heart of sukhumvit

The Nest Sukhumvit 64

The Nest Sukhumvit 64 luxury condominium project has a total of 439 units, covering an area of 3-2-38 rai (1 rai = 1600 square meters), with 3 buildings: Building A, Building B and Building C. The total area of the project is 22,715 square meters, and its facilities are complete, including lounges, swimming pools, fitness rooms, libraries and multi-purpose halls.

The room is designed to meet the daily needs and convenience of the residents. To this end, we provide residents with fine decoration and stylish furniture, so that residents can be ready to move in at any time.

In addition, in order to allow residents to enjoy a better life, we have also planned and constructed lounges, swimming pools (Buildings B and C), fitness rooms (Buildings A and C) and multi-functional halls (Building A), which can be called Luxurious apartment with good service and complete facilities. The main concept of the project design is to allow residents to truly enjoy a quiet, comfortable and private environment.


interior building materials

Ceiling: Sprayed plasterboard



General wall: Brick wall, painted smooth plaster

Room interior walls: brick walls, painted smooth plaster

Building enclosure: Brick wall, painted smooth plaster


Bedrooms: engineered wood floors

Living room: tiles 60x60 cm

Kitchen: tile 60x60 cm

Balcony: Tiled 60x60 cm

building materials

Building Structure: Reinforced Concrete Foundation

Floor Structure: Reinforced Concrete

Security system: CCTV surveillance cameras and 24-hour security guards

Power system: According to the power supply system standard of the power supply bureau, it is installed with high-quality wires

Why buy the Nest Sukhumvit 64 item?


1.     Freehold condominium in central Bangkok.

2.     Huge rental market, high rental returns.

3.     Located in a residential area popular with foreigners and locals.

4.     It only takes 6 minutes to walk to BTS Punnawithi Station and BTS Udom Suk Station.

5.     It takes only 15 minutes to reach BTS Asok station.

6.     Connected to the highway, quickly reach the CBD, the airport and the industrial area.

7.     Adjacent to well-known international schools, such as Anglo Singapore Int Sch, St Andrew's, Well's Int Sch, Berkeley Int Sch, etc.

8.     Adjacent to Bangkok Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in Asia, as well as True Digital Park, Mega Bangna, Ikea, etc.

9.     High-quality luxury apartments built by the well-known PM Group.

10. Reasonable price and low down payment.

The project is located in the emerging development area of Bangkok - ECBD (Eastern Central Business District), which is a popular business district nowadays, and investors and people with real needs for living are flocking to it. For example, multinational companies such as DKSH are in The number of people employed here is as high as 12,000; in addition, there are other resources such as oil companies, intercity railways, large complex projects under construction at Punnawithi (Punnawithi) station, Bangkok International Trade Exhibition with projects such as large conference centers Phase 2 of the center and the Bangkok Mall (Bangkok Shopping Center), which will be built as a landmark in the eastern center of Bangkok. The journey between Punnawithi (Punnaviti) and Asok (Asok) stations has been shortened from more than 1 hour to 5-10 minutes, which makes Punnawithi (Punnaviti) and Udom Suk (Udon Su) no longer It is the outskirts of the city.


The advantage of the Eastern Business Center is different from other new business centers: From here, you can take the light rail line to Thonglor (Thonglor), Asok (Asok) and Siam (Siam), and the next stop after transferring to the subway is Silom (Shilong), Sathorn (Sathorn) and Rama 9 (Rama 9), you must know that these advantages are permanent and will not change over time. The flow of people, business districts, residential districts and transportation advantages attract people to gather here, so it is not surprising that the Eastern Business Center has developed into the popular district it is today. The gathering of people will also bring many conveniences, including famous restaurants, shopping malls, Tesco Lotus (Lotus Supermarket), international schools and hospitals, and there will be many fashionable life centers in this area in the future, especially Mega complex project, which includes shopping malls, office buildings, hotels and serviced apartments, as well as The Mall Group's "Bangkok Mall (Bangkok Shopping Center)", with an investment of more than 20 billion baht, covering an area of 650,000 square meters. After the project is completed It will become the largest business center in Thailand and Southeast Asia; Chatrium Hotel (Chatrium Bangkok Riverside Luxury Hotel) Group, which covers an area of more than 100 rai, will start construction in 2018, in addition to BHIRAJ TOWER AT BITEC (Bangkok Convention and Exhibition Center Phi La Building), etc. Office buildings and large hotels will welcome many companies to settle in this area.


The 1.7-kilometer-long pedestrian bridge connecting BTS Bangna (Bangna) Station and Udom Suk (Udom Su) Station has been put into use for some time now, which will make this area more livable, with shopping malls and fashion here The living center is as convenient as in the Ratchaprasong (Ratchaprasong) area.

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