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Project Information: Sukhumvit 64 Suhkumvit Road, Bangjak, Prakhanong, Bangkok

Project name: The Nest Sukhumvit 64

Project owner: The Nest Property Co., Ltd

Project area: 3-2-38 rai

Project Type: Three eight-storey apartment buildings with a total of 439 units

Building A with 184 units

Building B with 132 units

Building C with 123 units

Standard Room (One Bedroom): 25.40 sqm and 28.5 sqm

The Nest Sukhumvit 64 luxury condominium project has a total of 439 units, covering an area of 3-2-38 rai (1 rai = 1600 square meters), with 3 buildings: Building A, Building B and Building C. The total area of the project is 22,715 square meters, and its facilities are complete, including lounges, swimming pools, fitness rooms, libraries and multi-purpose halls.

The room is designed to meet the daily needs and convenience of the residents. To this end, we provide residents with fine decoration and stylish furniture, so that residents can be ready to move in at any time.

In addition, in order to allow residents to enjoy a better life, we have also planned and constructed lounges, swimming pools (Buildings B and C), fitness rooms (Buildings A and C) and multi-functional halls (Building A), which can be called Luxurious apartment with good service and complete facilities. The main concept of the project design is to allow residents to truly enjoy a quiet, comfortable and private environment.



building materials

Building Structure: Reinforced Concrete Foundation

Floor Structure: Reinforced Concrete

Security system: CCTV surveillance cameras and 24-hour security guards

Power system: According to the power supply system standard of the power supply bureau, it is installed with high-quality wires.



interior building materials

Ceiling: Sprayed plasterboard



General wall: Brick wall, painted smooth plaster

Room interior walls: brick walls, painted smooth plaster

Building enclosure: Brick wall, painted smooth plaster


Bedrooms: engineered wood floors

Living room: tiles 60x60 cm

Kitchen: tile 60x60 cm

Balcony: Tiled 60x60 cm

Bangkok's Eastern Business District (ECBD) is an important area with great growth potential, with huge investment and real demand.

Due to business growth in recent years, take DKSH, which employs more than 12,000 people, as an example, the headquarters of foreign companies are located in this area. In terms of infrastructure, a huge mixed-use project in the name of the oil terminal is under construction near the BTS Phunnavitee station, BITEC Phase 2 consisting of office buildings and a conference and exhibition center. In addition, Bangkok Mall will become the central point of Bangkok's eastern shopping district.

In the past, it took an hour to travel from Phunnavitee to Asoke. Now, the Phunnavitee area is no longer a suburb of Bangkok, it only takes 5-10 minutes to reach the city center.

The highlight of ECBD is that it is connected to Thong lor, Asoke and Siam by BTS line, and it only takes one stop to transfer to Silom, Sathorn or Rama 9. The advantages of location will definitely stand the test of time.

In the future, there will be many fashion and life shopping malls in this area, and large-scale construction includes department stores, office buildings, hotels and serviced apartments, etc. The Bangkok Mall project built by The Mall Group has an area of 650,000 square meters and a total value of more than 20 billion baht. It is expected to become the largest department store in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Chatrim Hotel Group will also use the 100 rai of land it holds for the construction of hotel projects this year (2018). In addition, office buildings and hotels such as Bhiraj Tower @ bitec also support many companies to settle in.

Bangkok Mall 

Mix use by chatrium

Biraj tower @ Bitec 

The digital trend has become part of the real estate business. True digital Park will be built in Bangkok to replace Piyarom place. (Click here for the location: BTS Phunnavitee will be the digital hub of Bangkok. It will be a hub for technology and digital businesses, integrated with commercial spaces for offline and online life. In the future, Phunnavitee District will become an innovation center, attracting a new generation of elites and high-quality talents. The target residents of the Phunnavitee area are these high-income earners who earn profits from innovative digital business models.


True DigitalPark is close to The Nest Sukhumvit 64, only 800 meters away. Or only a 10 minute walk away.

It would be great to live on Soi Sukhumvit64 as the development prospects in the Phunnavitee area are very good. Soi Sukhumvit 64 is also a road that offers many shortcuts. The surroundings of Sukhumvit 64 are also filled with high-end low-rise condominiums, as The Nest Sukhumvit 64 is a luxurious condominium with great facilities, but at a very reasonable and affordable price.

The most important thing is that the 1.7km BTS Sky Walk will be connected with BTS Bangna-Udomsuk. It is like the skywalk in Ratchapasong area, connecting with department stores and stylish shopping malls in the area, it will make this area more convenient.

If you search for land prices over the past few years, this area has seen an average increase of 15%, condos have increased by 8-10% per year, which is pretty high growth, and it has never dropped. Reference to upcoming large projects. If these projects are successfully launched, they will push the potential of this area to several levels.

Finally, referring to the The Nest Sukhumvit 22 project, which is in the same line as The Nest Sukhumvit 64, the developer ensures that the quality of materials and designs used in the project comply with uniform standards to ensure the quality of the project.

Sales Gallery 

From the entrance of Soi Sukumvit 64 near BTS Punnawithi Station and Sukhumvit soi 66/1 near BTS Udomsuk Station, you can lead to The Nest Sukhumvit 64, and its location is very convenient. Because it is close to the entrance of the highway, if you usually use a private car to enter Also very easy.

The Nest Sukhumvit 64 is a low-rise condominium with the concept of "Perfect and Sophisticated Living". The project includes 3 buildings (A, B, C), each with 8 floors, a total of 439 units, and a total construction area of 6,400 square meters.

Opposite the project entrance (to the west) is also a low-rise apartment of similar standard, but the market price is nearly 20% higher than The Nest Sukhumvit 64.

The project is divided into 3 buildings, all surrounded by spacious green areas to ensure privacy and isolation from external noise.

The east, south, and north of the project are unable to build any high-rise condominiums, so it can be ensured that the project will enjoy a permanent and peaceful surrounding environment with Soi Sukumvit 64.

The project has complete supporting facilities, including lobby, CCTV, intelligent access system, swimming pool, fitness room, yoga room, movie room, work space, pantry, game room, outdoor space and roof garden, etc.   life" concept.

Most of the units in the project are equipped with furniture decoration. The 1 bedroom is about 28.5 square meters, which is the ideal home size for the young generation of 1-2 people. The 2 bedrooms are about 40-50 square meters, which is most suitable for new families to live in for a long time.

Private lobby 
Private lounge 
Co working space 
Large swimming pool
outdoor garden

For those who are interested in investing in The Nest Sukhumvit 64 and have sufficient funds but are not in a hurry to make a decision, The Nest Sukhumvit 64, which will be handed over in 2019, is an excellent choice. Because the sales price of the project is similar to that of neighboring condominiums , but this project is newer than other projects, so the market price after completion should be higher than other apartments. The project is now under construction (EIA certification), and it is expected to achieve an investment return of more than 20% in the next 1-2 years.

For those interested in investing in rental properties, the project is located in a location with genuine rental demand at an affordable price. The rental yield is expected to be 6-7%. For long-term investment, the future of the ECBD area is expected to be high, which is a good investment choice.

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